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Maya. Kpop girl groups (After School, SNSD, Dal Shabet, Nine Muses, Ladies' Code, 4minute, Girl's Day, Rania, f(x), BESTie, Crayon Pop plus others). Perfume/prfm. Anime (Free!, Attack on Titan, ATLA, LOK, FMA, Naruto). Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. I'm a Hufflepuff, yo! (my queue is basically always on)

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hyuna is like one of those embarrassing dads that tries too hard to be hip

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GD: For the leader, Gyuri, there are many similar questions asked, especially from male idols. Do you really have a princess complex or is it just a concept? [x]

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make me choose: sexy or cute concepts? i can’t choose; i love both.

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A~chan Yelling Soundcheck

make me chooseelectric shock era or rum pum pum pum era, asked by 

make me choose: tiffany or suho (requested by anon)

Lady Kenna+ Palettes requested by ladykenna


get to know me meme: 5/5 female biases

lee qri

harry potter; color analysis

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